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Hi Everyone,
I was sharing funny church going stories the other day with a customer.  I told him the story of when I was in fourth grade living in Bucksport, Maine.  I hated going to Sunday school class.  It stole time from playing catch, messing around in the creek and many other religious experiences.  My mother would drop me off at the church and drive away, as I stood there waving a fond farewell.  The moment she was out of site, I hightailed it down the hill into the little business district in this small down east town.  I quickly found there wasn’t a heck of a lot to do on Sunday morning in Bucksport.  The drug store was open, so I visited the baseball card area of the candy section. That took, maybe, five minutes.  Only 55 minutes to go until I had to head back up the hill to the front of the church to be picked up.  I walked a bit further down the main drag until I came upon the historic Jed Prouty Tavern.  We, as a family, had eaten there a couple of times on the very rare occasion of eating out.  Wearing my starched white shirt, bow tie and sweater, I saddled up to the bar, climbed up the bar stool  and ordered a bowl of clam chowder. Remember I was 9 or 10 years old.  The bartender gave me a look and said, “That will be $1.50.”  I reached in my pocket, pulled out the envelope that was destined for the church’s collection plate, opened it up and handed the bartender the 2 bucks that were inside.  Can you imagine what the few townsfolk having Sunday morning breakfast were thinking!  By the time I had nursed my bowl of chowder, the clock on the wall said it was time to get back to church.  Standing at the front of the sanctuary, my Mom pulled up, and I hopped inside with a full belly and .50 cents richer.
An exciting note for “Rhubarb Nation”  We not only have rhubarb at a slightly lower price this week, but also strawberries for the pie!!  We have both organic and conventionally grown berries.
We will be open Saturday and Sunday 10-6. In the market this weekend:

Vicky’s Salad Pots for Mom on Mother’s Day!!
A beautiful pot chocked full of salad fixins that will keep growing and feeding you for months to come.  Lettuces, scallions, radishes, kale and spinach.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Strawberries (O)
Spinach (no spray) special price*
Spring Garlic
Pink Lady Apples
Mushrooms (cremini, white, portobello, maitake, shitake, oyster, a mixed bag of basic varieties)
Red Beets(O)
Greens Mix(O)
Lettuce Mix(O)
Fresh Parsley(O)
Duck Eggs
Goose Eggs

See you soon!

Steve and Vicky
Rousedale Farm
Fallston, MD

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