What’s Happening Down on the Farm

Hi Everyone,

If you have ever kept a few chickens you know that predators are the biggest issue you have to deal with. We have dealt with about everything over the years.  Hawks seem to be our biggest problem.  It’s tough to stop air assaults.  A few days ago a customer was here and told me there was a hawk on the ground with a chicken very close to the barn.  I ran up there and scared the massive red tailed hawk away.  It was huge, close to a 6 foot wing span.  The other chickens were freaked and in the barn.  Usually after an attack I will keep the chickens inside for a couple of days in hopes of shutting down the buffet for a day or two so the hawk will move on.  That was 5 days ago and just today the chickens have decided to come back out even with the door open for a couple of days.  Every time I opened the door they would look at me as if to say,”Are you crazy?  Did you see the size of that thing?  Did you see what it did to Ethel?  We’re fine staying right in here!”
Our full market will be open Saturday and Sunday 10-6. A couple of new items are trickling in each week now.  This week we add broccolini, head lettuce and maybe a few of the first beets of the season.  In the market:
Head Lettuce
Baby Carrots
Greens mix
Lettuce mix
Red Russian Kale
Flying Plow Farm grass fed and finished beef(NY strip, church roast, stew beef, sirloin steak, London broil, chip steak, ground beef)
Crooked Creek Farm pastured pork (bacon, sausages, chops, hams, ham steaks, chipped ham, pork roll, ribs, loin roasts, tenderloins, jowls, hocks and dog treats.
Eggs (chicken, duck and goose)

Hope to see you this weekend!!
Locally Yours,
Steve and Vicky


What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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