What’s Happening Down on the Farm

Hi Everyone,
Our market will be open this weekend 10-6 each day and just in case there’s a kitchen disaster this holiday weekend, we have plenty of ham available!  Our honey supply is holding up despite high spring sales.  Many allergy sufferers have found that honey from their local region has helped with their dreaded allergies.  If you’re miserable with the sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose, give it a try (not a sales pitch, well kinda, just trying to help, sorta).  Honestly if the bees are getting into what you’re allergic to, it seems to help, if they’re not, it won’t.  Our partners at Flying Plow Farm will be supplying us with their first batch of baby carrots of the season. So you can add a little color to those greens and, of course, take care of the easter bunny.
Just so you know…if you’re getting an occasional blue/green egg in your dozen, don’t be alarmed.  We have two chickens on the farm that lay those eggs.  Same on the inside, just a different colored blouse.  Organic herb plants are here and we have lettuce plants as well.  In the market:
Baby Carrots
Greens mix (spinach, lettuce, kale, arugula)
Lettuce mix (5-6 different salad lettuces)
Red Russian Kale
Herb Plants
Flying Plow Farm grass fed and finished beef(NY strip, church roast, stew beef, sirloin steak, London broil, chip steak, ground beef)
Crooked Creek Farm pastured pork (bacon, sausages, chops, hams, ham steaks, chipped ham, pork roll, ribs, loin roasts, tenderloins, jowls, hocks and dog treats.
Eggs (chicken, duck and goose)

Hope to see you this weekend!!
Locally Yours,
Steve and Vicky



What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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