What’s Happening Down on the Farm

You know spring is really here when I get the early morning call from the Fallston Post Office, “Hello.”  “Mr Rouse?”  “Yes.”  (I hear very loud peeping in the background.)  “Mr. Rouse, can you please come get your birds……soon!”
So the first batch of 100 day old meat chicks have arrived and under the heat lamps. In 7-8 weeks they will be ready to go.
Our market will be open both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  I”ll be minding the store from 10-6 each day. We will have early season greens, fresh cut chives, pork, beef, eggs (chicken, duck and goose) and honey.  We just found out that our local pastured pork farm, Crooked Creek, has dog treats now.  Those will be on hand as well. Also, Crooked Creek has hams for Easter.  They are around 5 pound hams that sell for $8.50/pound.  Let’s us know if you’re interested.

I just noticed that it is 45 days until Memorial Day.  Bathing suit season is closing in.  My own private first showing of my speedo was quite frightening.  That’s why I feel so fortunate to have beautiful organic greens grown at Flying Plow Farm in Rising Sun to count on.  Fresher and tastier than any you will get in the grocery store. Don’t worry I won’t be modeling the speedo in the market, but maybe the tankini!

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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