What’s Happening Down on the Farm

Happy Holidays,
I know what you’re saying, OMG are they here already!! So, (doesn’t everyone start sentences with the word “So” now) I found out this Saturday is “Small Business Saturday”! So, last I checked the farm is a small business. So, we will have the market open this Saturday morning from 10-noon. Yes, you will be full of turkey and the stuffing and/or trying to figure out another leftover turkey recipe, but why not get out and say hi to your small farm business owner! We will have our Rousedale Farm raised whole chicken at 10% off, a full cooler of our fresh eggs also at 10% off, honey 10% off and our friends from Crooked Creek Farm, from just up the road in Pylesville, have re-stocked our freezer with their 100% pastured pork. BONUS HOUR, BONUS HOUR!! Tiffany owner of Crooked Creek Farm will be here to say hi and answer any questions you may have about their farm and pork products! Here’s the list of pork available Saturday morning:
BACON..fresh, smoked uncured, smoked cured and country.
SAUSAGE..(loose)sage, no sage, hot Italian and sweet Italian
SAUSAGE..(link) hot Italian and sweet Italian
SAUSAGE..maple breakfast links and sage breakfast links
PORK ROASTS..bone-in loin, boneless loin, pork shoulder
PORK CHOPS..boneless and bone-in
RIBS..baby back and full rack
HAM..smoked steaks, non-cured steaks, chipped ham, smoked hocks
SPECIAL CUTS..pork tenderloin, pork roll, ground pork, leaf lard.
PORK JERKY..original, original spicy, mango habanero

We might even be able to whip up some hot mulled cider for you! So, to summarize:
Small business Saturday
Open 10-12noon
10% off chicken and eggs
Tiffany brings lots of pork and jerky makes for a mighty fine stocking stuffer
The best eggs around
Mulled cider, if the slow cookers are clean by then!

I will send a reminder Friday because you will have forgotten everything by then after the tryptophan overload Thursday.

Locally Yours,


What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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