What’s Going on Down on the Farm

What’s Going on Down on the Farm
Hi Everyone,

We hope you all had a nice weekend.  We had a very busy weekend in the market and with the online orders.  We thank you for that!
Ok, I’m not sure why this always happens.  I’ll just come out and ask the question.  Why are our wives/girlfriends always right?  I don’t get it. I’m seldom right about anything.  When I am right about something, I’m initially aghast, I’m not sure what just happened,  I actually get a bit dizzy and then I celebrate like I just scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.  I mention this only because I was wrong again.  This time, I was wrong about the peaches.  When I picked up the peaches last week at Brown’s Orchard, Sharon the manager said, and I quote,”This will be it for peaches for this year.”  That’s what I told you and that’s what I told Vicky.  So today I said to Vicky, “Well, the peaches are done, but we will have apples this week!”  She said,”Can we just ask about peaches?”  I said,”Sharon told me they were done.”  “Let’s just ask.” Vicky said.  “Why would we waste time asking when she already told me they were done for the year?”  She insisted we ask and guess what?  Sharon said we could have peaches this week.
I don’t get it.  I’m thinking it’s a female conspiracy of some type.  I’m close to just giving up trying to be right ever.  The only other thing I have to say is….this will be the last week for peaches, again.

Ordering begins at 9a Tuesday morning through Wednesday evening at 10p.  Remember you can opt for Saturday delivery or pick up your order at the farm Saturday or Sunday 10-2
Have a great week!

Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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