What’s Going on Down on the Farm

What’s Going on Down on the Farm
Hi Friends,
We hope all is well with you. First, a head’s up, our bread baker Stefanie is taking a well earned vacation so there will be no bread available this week.  I’m not sure how I’ll get through without a cinnamon roll, but in it’s place I’m planning on substituting an entire bag of Hickory Chance Farm’s kettle corn.  Vicky came into the family room last Friday night and was astonished that I had eaten nearly a whole bag.  “I’m testing it out for our customers!” was my feeble defense.  It’s really good, give it a try.
You may also want to check out the heritage breed chickens that are available from Honeymoon Farm.  These are the chickens that your great grandparents ate.  They are not as large as what you’re used to, however, they have a real chicken taste.
If you’re ready to can or freeze tomatoes you’ll find bulk tomatoes on the menu from Flying Plow farm.
You’re going to love this, if you’re into the summer caprese salad we have all the ingredients…Tomatoes, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh mozzarella from Mastellone’s Italian Deli on Harford Rd..  The mozzarella is their specialty and is made fresh daily.
Vicky has connected with two Amish families from Lancaster County.  One family grows green beans, the other only cantaloupes.  You will find those items available on the menu as well.
Ordering begins at 9a Tuesday morning through Wednesday evening at 10p.  Remember you can opt for Saturday delivery or pick up your order at the farm Saturday or Sunday 10-2
Have a great week!

Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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