What’s Going on Down on the Farm

Hi Everyone,

  I didn’t get your email out yesterday, as we try to do each week, because…and I have a good excuse, we were called to get a swarm of honey bees out of a families back yard tree!!  It’s a process that’s very much like a Ghostbusters scenario.  The call comes in, “We’re on our way!”  Bee suits are put on.  The equipment check list happens.  Hive tool? Check.  Empty box?  Check.  Large Sheet?  Check.  Smoker? Check.  Smoker fuel?  Check.  Saw?  Check.  I hear some sort of theme song in my head as we pull out of the farm with the tires screeching and our hearts pumping.  We pull in the drive way of the frightened family and head to the bee infested tree only to stop and look at each other and then look at the swarm up in the tree and then back at each other.  We know what each other is thinking.  WE FORGOT THE LADDER!! It all worked out.  A ladder was found and we got the bees.  We return to the farm.  Mission accomplished.
Don’t forget online ordering continues today through tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 10.  Check out rousedalefarm.com for the complete menu.  Pick up your order at the farm Saturday 2-6 or have it delivered to your home.  Our farm market will be open Sunday 10-2. The benefit of ordering on line is that you have all the farms and vendors new merchandise, while coming to our market on Sunday may find some of the items unavailable.  We will send out an email Friday to let you know what items will be available in the Sunday market.

Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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