What’s Going on Down on the Farm

Hi Everyone,
The next time you visit the farm you may see a few less chickens hanging around our lane.  Pepper, the farm dog, has taken a big interest in the chickens.  I can’t tell if she’s trying to play with them, herd the strays back into their range areas or looking for a meal. Whatever she’s doing, it’s worked to make the few escapees each day a bit wary to hop the fence.  It seems, however, that she has become a little more aggressive the last couple of weeks. A few minutes ago, as I was loading feed, I saw her with her paw on a chicken holding it down and knawing gently on it’s back.  After my scolding, the conversation in my head went like this:
Me..What are you doing?

Pepper..What do you mean what am I doing, I’m herding the flock for you.
Me..Then why does it appear you’re eating instead of herding?
Pepper..Dad, I would never hurt the chickens.  I just remove a few of their feathers from their back so they have a bald spot, like you, so the other chickens will shun them as punishment for getting out.
Me..Boy, you’ve really thought this out.
Pepper..Of course, I’m part poodle!
Me..Well then Ms. Poodle, how do you explain me catching you dragging a chicken across the back yard the other day?
Pepper..Dad, dad, dad I was pulling that chicken from danger.  Didn’t you hear the hawk that was ready to strike?  Geez, what is wrong with you?  You know I’m also part retriever and that’s the kind of stuff we do.
Me..I don’t know, it looked a little suspicious.
Pepper..You know that’s the problem with you humans, you think you know everything and you don’t know anything!  When was the last time you were a dog?
Me..Ah, I guess never.
Pepper..That’s right, so you have no clue as to what I’m thinking, how my instincts work, what I really like to eat or how I play you like a nickel slot machine to be treated like a queen, DO YOU?!?!?
Me..Um,ah I guess not.
Pepper..Now get out of my way and go do your little farm chores so I can get some real work done around here!  Oh, while were getting a few things of our chests….chicken poop.
Pepper..You get upset when you catch me eating it.
Pepper..Have you tried it?
Me..God no!
Pepper..Again with the assumptions.

Strawberries (O)
Yellow Squash(O)
Spinach (O)
Lil Gem Red and Green Head Lettuce(O)
Vidalia Onions(O)
White Baby Turnips(O)
Spring Garlic

Bok Choy(O)
Pink Lady Apples
Mushrooms (cremini, white, portobello, maitake, shitake, oyster, a mixed bag of basic varieties)
Red Beets
Greens Mix(O)
Lettuce Mix(O)
Fresh Parsley(O)
Duck Eggs
Goose Eggs

See you soon!

Steve and Vicky
Rousedale Farm
Fallston, MD

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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