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Hi Everyone,
As I sit here typing this email listening to the wind howl outside, it reminds me of days gone by BF, before farming.  I would sit in my easy chair reading the Baltimore Sun or the local Aegis newspaper, scanning articles about how the local farmers were feeling about the season.  It was always too dry, too wet, too hot, too cold, a late frost or an early frost on and on.  It seemed the weather was never…just right for them  Thinking to myself back then, “Wow, these people are never satisfied, what gives?”  
Yesterday we took all our cloth row covers off the plantings for fear of it all breaking loose or becoming giant sails ripping the hoops its attached to from the ground and cascading across the farm wiping out farm hands and families coming for eggs or honey. This in preparation for the high winds today. We pounded extra stakes to secure the snap and snow pea trellises too.  We just placed heavy split rails on all of our plastic mulched rows so it won’t rip up and blow away and possibly damage young seedlings.  I re-configured the chick brooders to add some extra heat lamps as the wind was whipping through the barn chilling the little ones.  I guess I never paid that much attention to the weather, until I depended on it so much.  I suddenly realized, “Oh my God, I’ve become one of them!”  Yes, I’ve become “one of them”, and I’m fine if you feel the need to say, “Is this guy ever satisfied?”  I understand, I was once there.
An exciting note for the cult known as “Rhubarb Nation”  The rhubarb is in the market!!
We will be open Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  Both days 10-6.  In the market this weekend:
Available this week:
Spinach (no spray) DEAL OF THE WEEK!! Usually $6/half pound, this weekend $2/half pound or $3/pound!!
Spring Garlic
Green Kale(O)
Putnam Hill Nursery Herbs, Veggies (tomatoes plants), Natives and Peonies
Rainbow Carrots(O
Pink Lady Apples
Mushrooms (cremini, white, portobello, maitake, shitake, oyster, a mixed bag of basic varieties)
Red Beets(O)
Red Peppers(O)
Orange Peppers(O)
Greens Mix(O)
Young Red Russian Kale(O)
Lettuce Mix(O)
Fresh Parsley(O)
Duck Eggs
Goose Eggs

See you soon!

Steve and Vicky
Rousedale Farm
Fallston, MD

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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