What’s Going on Down on the Farm

Hi Everyone,
 By the looks of the forecast this week, I believe we can get started planting here on the farm.  Sugar snap and snow peas, the first planting of potatoes, kale, spring onions and beets will be first on the list for direct planting in the field.  We have or should say, had, many seedlings coming up in flats in the greenhouse. Until Vicky set them out on the ground for awhile this afternoon.  I didn’t know she had done that or she didn’t know that I had let the chickens out in the back coop.  Let’s just say eggs from those chickens should have some nice deep colored yolks after they feasted on the green seedlings
     Ok, lots to talk about this week, the first week of Spring!!
Easter is coming up and if you need an Easter ham or leg of lamb, we have them from Crooked Creek and Liberty Farms.
Melanie, from Putnam Hill Nursery, is off and running with some new early items this week.  Veggie, Herb and Jasmine plants are ready to go.
Stefani, at Swissalicious, has a new bread to offer, Parmesan Asiago!  Sounds delish.  She also has changed up the icing on her popular cinnamon rolls. It’s a vanilla icing that, according to early reviews, is 5 stars.
Brittany, who we met while she was the harvest and sales director at Flying Plow Farm, has purchased her own farm, Mad Radish Farm in Dover, PA.  We are so happy for her and her husband. Brittany has become a great friend and we’re so excited to start offering her organic produce on our menu.  Greens mix, lettuce mix and, of course, french breakfast RADISHES!!
Maybe the toughest thing to find is 100% grass fed beef.  Michael and his family, who owns Little Flower Farm, in Lewisberry, PA is a guy we hope we can build a lasting relationship with.  We will feature some of his beef this week.
Ovenbird Bakery in Little Italy will be offering a new treat this week.  Keiller, the owner, has suggested trying the Key Lime Pie!
And back by popular demand, the homemade Mozzarella cheese from Mastelloni Deli in Parkville.
Now that I have made myself extremely hungry, let’s wrap this thing up!
Ordering begins Monday morning at 9a and ends at 8p Tuesday night at rousedalefarm.grazecart.com
Have a great week!

Steve and Vicky

Rousedale Farm

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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