What’s Going on Down on the Farm

Hi Everyone,

     Our ordering window each week is Monday 9a until Tuesday at 8p.

With more and more baked goods on the menu and more and more customers wanting to choose a Friday evening delivery to get the freshest option, a few have had trouble figuring out how to request a Friday night delivery.   Instructions on the bottom of this email.
     Eating seasonally is something few of us practice anymore.  You should know Maryland in January is not the premier place to find greens growing even in high tunnels (green houses).  Plenty of storage type veggies, but local greens are at a premium now. We are exploring some other organic options from the south to fill in.
     You may have noticed the fresh seafood prices are all over the place, they fluctuate weekly from our supplier.
     Crooked Creek Farm is starting to take orders for pastured Holiday Hams and we are also adding pig ears from Liberty Delight Farms for doggie treats.  Maybe Pepper will enjoy chewing those more than my femur.

Steve and Vicky
Rousedale Farm

To change delivery or pick up options:   
1..Go to Rousedalefarm.com/grazecart
2..Click “shop”
3..Go to second line under our logo click “CHANGE” next to “your current deliver option
4..Enter your zip code
5..Click submit
6..Click your desired delivery or pick up option

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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