What’s going on Down on the Farm

Hi Folks,

     As we head into a new year, Vicky and I were reflecting about this past (crazy) year.  Mostly we were thinking about all of you and the support we’ve received for this new venture.  It’s been a dream come true that our small farm can now support us.  That’s not easy with our extravagant life style and all.  Traveling to such places annually as Bel Air and the Jarrettsville Gold Coast, purchasing all of our high fashion farm wear from the Good Will Gucci Store and driving the sleekest and fastest imports, most of which are imported from Detroit and older than many of you, is quite expensive.  The even greater thing is not only are you supporting our farm, but also so many other local farms and small businesses that we have brought in under our umbrella.  Ok, I hear what you’re saying,”Hey Steve, I don’t think the salmon on your menu is local.”  You’re right, but I’ve tried.  I have fished the Gunpowder, Deer Creek, The Susquehanna and the Bay and just can’t seem to catch a salmon.  Anyway, we thank you for supporting our online Virtual Farmer’s Market and on the farm Farm Market this past year.

     CHA,CHA,CHA,CHANGES…..Starting next week our online ordering window will change.  The ordering window is now from Monday at 9am to Tuesday at 8pm. THAT’S 9AM MONDAY TO 8PM TUESDAY.  That time again, MONDAY AT 9AM THROUGH TUESDAY AT 8PM.  The primary reason is to give us an extra day to gather, weigh, package etc.  As the business has grown and somebody keeps bringing in new vendors to give her customers the best, the added hours are needed.

     Some have asked for a Pepper the puppy update.  We have just come up with an idea for a “Born to Chew” t-shirt for the dog.  Oh my God, the other night I walked into the family room with a thick winter sweatshirt on and returned to the kitchen a view minutes later with only a few threads clinging to my body!  I have found that Pepper’s favorite bone is in my arm!  She’s doing fine really, but this chewing thing is nuts. We are planning to have a shredding event here on the farm on February 29th. Simply stop by with your important papers that need shredding and she will annihilate them while you wait.

     Happy New Year!  We’ll see you next week!

Steve and Vicky
Rousedale Farm

P.S.  We would like to find someone to join our team and help us here on the farm.  Duties may include:


picking up at vendor locations

packaging orders

working in the market

cleaning and packaging eggs

planting, weeding, harvesting (farm work)

feeding and watering chickens 

collecting eggs 

cleaning chicken coops

harvesting, splitting and stacking firewood

mowing and weed whacking

help planning farm events

working with honey bees

just to name a few

If you think you would be great with some of the list, but not all, we would like to hear from you anyway.

Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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