What’s Going On down on the Farm

Howdy Folks,
Probably the biggest news of the week is not that our newest batch of Rousedale chicken will be fresh in the market on Wednesday and available for online ordering this week.  It’s not that Vicky has added a couple of new items on the online menu.  It is, however, that the sweet pork sticks are back!!!!  I know to many this may not be a huge deal, but to others this ranks right up there with the day they got married and their birthday.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after a very long absence, the sweet port sticks are back.  I can hear moms and dads breaking the big news to their children right now!

As I mentioned earlier if you would like a fresh whole chicken or fresh parts instead of frozen, Wednesday from 10-6 will be your day. The market will be open for chicken only that day.  The birds and parts will hit the freezers after that for your online orders and market shopping Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
      Remember online ordering begins at 9am Tuesday and ends at 10pm Wednesday.  Opt to  have your order delivered to your front door or pick up your order Saturday or Sunday at the farm. Rousedalefarm.com is where you’ll find all the action.

Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm


What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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