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Hi Farm Friends,

We hope this note finds you healthy, safe and not stir crazy.  Thank you again for your support of all of our farms!

Now, I must broach a subject I was hoping I would never have to ever in my life.  On a personal note, I am one who has always despised fees.  Extra fees of any kind.  When you buy tickets to a show or concert, you pay $85 for the ticket and $25 in fees.  What the heck are they?  There’s seldom an explanation.  Ok, let me just yank the band aid off.  We really need to add on a packing fee to our orders.  You have no idea how difficult and time consuming it is.  Vicky and I just can’t do it ourselves anymore.  We have had to hire a few farm hands.  Unfortunately they wont work for free, and I even offered a bagel break!  Plus we will be installing an ordering system that will, hopefully, improve the ordering process for all of us. Until we get the system up and running, Vicky has a request:  When ordering if you could type the vendor and then under the vendor list what you would like from them and then on to the next.  Many have been doing that, it makes the process a bit easier for her. Jeez, what a complainer. So for pick ups there will be an added $5 packing fee to your total.  For delivery you will see the $5 delivery fee plus the $5 packing fee.  I have to stop saying the F-word now, it makes me queasy.

Even bigger news,,…maybe… with the Easter Holiday on Sunday,there will be no pick ups or deliveries on Easter Sunday.  This doesn’t mean there will be a zip code rule for Saturday, but it does mean that we will have to cap orders at a certain number this week.  Get your orders in ASAP.  You may want to prepare for later deliveries on Saturday.  Please don’t sic the dog on me if it’s passed sundown when I show up.

Remember to bring bags or old Amazon boxes(really any boxes will do, I just figured you probably had numerous swoosh boxes at this point) for pick up.  Pick up Saturday 3-8.  Delivery Saturday from 1-?.

Stay safe,
Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm

From Flying Plow Farm-Rising Sun,MD

Bibb Lettuce Head, hydroponic $3.50
Red Leaf Head, hydroponic $3.50
Arugula, hydroponic $3/bunch
Sweet Potatoes $6/two pounds

Beets $2.25/pound
Carrots $4/pound
Chard $4/bunch
Collards $3/bunch
Greens Mix $6/half pound
Curly Kale $4/bunch
Lettuce Mix $6/half pound
Red Russian Kale $6/half pound
Spinach $8/pd
Winter Kale $3/pd


Ground $10.50/pd
Bone-in skin on breast $10/pd
Whole leg ( thigh & drumstick) $7/pound
Bone broth $8/quart
Chicken-Soup Pack $2/pound


Ground Beef Grain Finished $7/pound
Ground Beef Grass Fed and Finished $8/pd
Chip Steak $10/pd
Delmonico $18/pd
Liver $5/pd
NY Strip $18/pd
Sirloin $14/pd


Organic Eggs $6/dozen
Small Young Pullet (A young lady just starting her laying career) eggs-$5/dozen

Lancaster Farm Fresh Organic Coop

Goat Cheese-$5/4oz
Chicken Wings-$6/pound
French breakfast radish $3/bunch
Watermelon radish $3/pound
Hakurei white turnips (baby) $4/bunch
Hakurei large white turnips $3/pound
Watercress $7/six ounces
Button/white mushrooms $3/pint
Cremini mushrooms $5/pint
Shitake mushrooms $6/pint

Third Way Farm – Havre de Grace

Eggs-Free Range-$6
Duck Eggs-$6
Ham Steaks-$8/pound
Pork Tenderloin-$14/pound
Sweet Italian Sausage Links-$8/pound

Chesapeake Gold Cheese from Chesapeake Gold Farms

8 Oz block $7
Colby, Cheddar, Buffalo Wing Cheddar, Smoked Onion Horseradish Cheddar, Onion Horseradish Cheddar,
Cider House Cheddar, Crabby Cheddar, Black Peppercorn  Cheddar, Smoked Horseradish Cheddar, Horseradish Cheddar, Onion Cheddar, Garlic and Dill Cheddar, Garlic and Chive Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Hot Colby, Smoked Colby.

Pastured Raised Pork From Crooked Creek Farm

Bacon $11/pd
Loose Sausage $7/pd-Sage, Plain, Hot and Sweet
Link Sausage- $8/pd Hot Italian
Breakfast Links – $8 Maple OR Sage
Kielbasa- $8/pd
Lithuanian Sausage $8.50/pd
Chorizo- $8/pd
Bone-in Loin Roast $9/pd
Boneless Loin Roast $10/pd
Shoulder Roast-$8.50/pd
Boneless Chops-$9.50/pd
Bone-in Chops – $9/pd
Baby Back Ribs – $9/pd
Full Rack-$8/pd
Smoked Ham- $8.50/pd
Chipped Ham – $8.50/pd
Smoked Ham Hock – $5/pd
Pork Roll – $8.50/pd
Scrapple – $6/pd
Ground Pork – $7/pd
Pulled Pork BBQ 2 pound container – $15
Pork Sticks – $1.50 each

Breads and Pastries from Swissalicious in Forest Hill.  Baked Fresh Friday for your delivery or pick up Saturday!  Baked Saturday for Sunday delivery.
(Side note: If you’d rather, Swissalicious will bake bread through the week for your pick up at her home in Forest Hill. Call 443-528-4813)

Bread Plain Round Loaf – $7
Bread WW – $7
Bread Gluten Free – $15
Bread Cranberry – $8
Bread Sunflower – $8
Bread Sesame – $8
Bread Chia – $8
Bread Flax – $8
Bread Hemp – $8
Bread Poppyseed – $8
Bread Banana – $12
Cinnamon Rolls – $14
Pretzel Rolls – $16

Raw Honey From Rousedale Farm

1 pound jar $9
2 pound jar $16
3 pound jar $23

Belvedere Farm-Fallston

Bouquets of beautiful, colorful, stems of ranunculus-$15
Putnam Hill Nursery 4/6/2020


Potted Herbs $4.00/ pot

Parsley, Italian

Parsley, Moss Curled

Thyme, Lemon

Thyme, French


Rosemary, trailing

Basil, Columnar (nonflowering)

Basil, African Blue

Lemon Verbena

Mint, Spearmint



Sage, Tricolor

Chives, Onion

Want to support butterflies and pollinators?

Larval support including milkweeds (Asclepias):

Dutchman’s Pipe, Aristolochia fimbriata

Butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa

Swamp milkweed, Aslcepias incarnata,

Bloodflower, Asclepias currassavica

Viola odorata (not on website, on availability)

Red Leaf Plantain, Plantago rubra,

Nectar support

Cup Plant, Silphium connatum,

Cardinal Flower, Lobelia cardinalis,

Achillea ‘Oertel’s Rose’,

Asters, Monardas, Liatris, Lobelias and many native plants also support pollinators and butterflies.

Peonies are still looking great. Many have buds! Get them in the ground now and enjoy watching them continue their fast paced growth and bloom.

Paeonia ‘Pillow Talk’ $30  “bomb” type with soft whitish pink fragrant flowers. WoW.

Paeonia ‘Coral Charm’ $25 fabulous coral, semi double flowers, a customer favorite!

Paeonia ‘Cytherea’ $25  award winning peony with cherry red fragrant flowers. Good cut flower.

Paeonia ‘Miss America’ $25 a personal favorite with large white flowers and excellent form

Paeonia wittmanniana $25 drool, single pale yellow flowers, silvery fuzzy new growth, showy seed heads in the fall, drool drool drool

For native and non-native perennials galore shop at





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