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We hope everyone had a pleasant weekend.
Today has been spent mostly trying to find local meat.  Any meat!  We learned this morning that the scarcity of meat wasn’t necessarily low stock at the local farms, but also had something to do with the processing plants being overwhelmed at this point.  The pandemic has slowed the processing down as well, with the safety procedures now in place and employees going out sick.  We will keep searching.  Actually if you have a craving for meat that just can’t be satisfied, you may want to look at one of our new vendors, My Canine Cucina in Abingdon. Owner Barbara locally sources her ingredients and makes all the dishes and treats herself. All her pet treats are made from Human grade products.  I ate a dog cookie once by accident and it was delicious, you know, until I found out I just at a dog treat.

     The good news is we will run some trials this week on a new ordering system that will allow you to order right through our website. It should be a lot easier for you and, hopefully, save Vicky hours of work. The plan is to have it up and running for next week’s orders.  Speaking of ordering, we will install a slight change in your ordering this week.   Let’s run down the process:

1..Check the menu on your email or our website and decide what you would like.
2..Email us your order by starting with the farm’s name and the items you would like from that farm below it, then move on to the next farm.  Make sure your address and phone number are on your order.
3..Also include on your order whether you would prefer to pick up your order at the farm or have it delivered.  Pick up days and times at the farm are Saturday 3-8 and Sunday noon-6.  Deliveries will be Saturday if you are in the following Zip Codes  21047, 21014, 21050, 21084, 21111, 21013, 21082, 21051, 21087, 21085,21009 and 21014.  All other Zips will be delivered on Sunday. 
4..If this is your first time placing an order, after you have sent your order please call Vicky at 443-904-5738 with your credit card information.  She will be manning the phone each day 10-6.
5..You can order now through Wednesday 4/15 at 10pm.  Operators, I mean, operator is standing by.

Have a safe week.  If you’re extremely bored, check out our daily farm videos on the Rousedale Farm facebook page.

Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm

From Flying Plow Farm-Rising Sun,MD

Bibb Lettuce Head, hydroponic $3.50
Red Leaf Head, hydroponic $3.50
Arugula, hydroponic $3/bunch

Beets $2.25/pound
Carrots $4/pound
Chard $4/bunch
Curly Kale $4/bunch
Lettuce Mix $6/half pound
Red Russian Kale $6/half pound
Spinach $8/pd

Whole leg  $7/pound (limited)
Bone broth $8/quart
Chicken-Soup Pack $2/pound


Ground Beef Grass Fed $8/pd(limited)


Organic Eggs $6/dozen
Small Young Pullet (A young lady just starting her laying career) eggs-$5/dozen

Lancaster Farm Fresh Organic Coop

Ground Chicken $10.50/pound
Goat Cheese-$5/4oz
Traditional round red radish $3.50/bunch
Watermelon radish $3/pound
White Scallions- $3/bunch
Red Scallions-$3/bunch
Hakurei white turnips (baby) $4/bunch
Watercress $7/six ounces
Button/white mushrooms $3/pint
Cremini mushrooms $5/pint
Shitake mushrooms $6/pint

Third Way Farm – Havre de Grace

Eggs-Free Range-$6
Greens Mix-$6/half pound
Kohlrabi-.75 each
Ham Steaks-$8/pound
Sweet Italian Sausage Links-$8/pound

Chesapeake Gold Cheese from Chesapeake Gold Farms-North East, MD

8 Oz block $7

Canal Cow IPA Bay Head Cheddar (New)
Cabernet Wine Cheddar (New)
Buffalo Wing Cheddar,
Smoked Onion Horseradish Cheddar,
Onion Horseradish Cheddar,
Cider House Cheddar,
Crabby Cheddar,
Black Peppercorn  Cheddar,
Smoked Horseradish Cheddar,
Horseradish Cheddar,
Onion Cheddar,
Garlic and Dill Cheddar,
Garlic and Chive Cheddar,
Smoked Cheddar,
Hot Colby,
Smoked Colby.

Pastured Raised Pork From Crooked Creek Farm-Pylesville,MD

Bacon $11/pd
Loose Sausage $7/pd-Sage, Plain, Hot and Sweet
Link Sausage- $8/pd Hot Italian
Breakfast Links – $8 Maple OR Sage
Kielbasa- $8/pd
Chorizo- $8/pd
Bone-in Loin Roast $9/pd
Boneless Loin Roast $10/pd
Shoulder Roast-$8.50/pd
Boneless Chops-$9.50/pd
Bone-in Chops – $9/pd
Spare Ribs-Full Rack and half rack-$8/pd
Smoked Ham- $8.50/pd
Chipped Ham – $8.50/pd
Smoked Ham Hock – $5/pd
Pork Roll – $8.50/pd
Scrapple – $6/pd
Ground Pork – $7/pd
Pulled Pork BBQ 2 pound container – $15
Pork Sticks – Sweet or Hot $1.50 each
Dog Treats and organ meat- ears, tails, liver, heart-$2/each

Breads and Pastries from Swissalicious in Forest Hill.
Baked Fresh Friday for your delivery or pick up Saturday!  Baked Saturday for Sunday delivery.  Stefani can bake 24 loaves for Saturday and 24 Loaves for Sunday.  Get your bread orders in early!
Bread Plain Round Loaf – $7
Bread WW – $7
Bread Gluten Free – $15
Bread Cranberry – $8
Bread Sunflower – $8
Bread Sesame – $8
Bread Chia – $8
Bread Flax – $8
Bread Hemp – $8
Bread Poppyseed – $8
Bread Banana – $12
Cinnamon Rolls – $14
Pretzel Rolls – $16

Rousedale Farm-Fallston

Raw Honey
1 pound jar $9
2 pound jar $16
3 pound jar $23
Ground Beef-grain fed $7/pound
Duck Eggs-$8/dozen
Goose Eggs-$2.50/each
Belvedere Farm-Fallston

Bundle of Belvedere Farm ranunculus (12 stems) $15 (limited)
Putnam Hill Nursery – Fallston/Forest Hill


Potted Herbs $4.00/ pot

Basil, African Blue
Basil, Columnar (nonflowering)
Chives, Onion
Lemon Verbena
Mint, Spearmint
Parsley, Italian
Parsley, Moss Curled
Rosemary, trailing
Sage, Tricolor
Thyme, French
Thyme, Lemon

Other Herbs and Medicinals:

Bay Leaf  (6” container) $15
Oregano, Purple Maiden $8
Hops, flowering $8
Valerian, $8
Stinging Nettle, $4

Easy, full sun, deer resistant landscape perennials:

Achillea ‘Oertel’s Rose $8
Allium Millenium $8
Amsonia hubrichtii $8
Kalimeris ‘Daisy Mae’ $8
Platycodon Balloon Flower $8
Silphium, Cup Plant $8

For native and non-native perennials galore shop at

My Canine Cucina-Abingdon, MD

Peanut Bones-$7
Bedtime Biscuits-$7
Thanksgiving Dinner-$10
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner-$10
Turkey Liver Poppers-$7
Bagel Bites-$7
Italian Beef Casserole-$10

Plus many more!!!  For photos and all selections go to:






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