The new ordering system is in place!!

Hello Farm Friends,

We hope everyone is well.  THE TIME HAS COME!  The online ordering system will be ready to go tomorrow!  The new ordering window is 9am Tuesday-Wednesday at 10p.  You will go to our website, click “shop online” and the ordering site will pop up.  You will pay through the site.  We feel it’s safer for us all if there’s no handling of cash, checks, handing cards back and forth, etc.  Will there be glitches?  Probably.  Will we handle the glitches?  Definitely.  Will this be easier and more accurate for all involved?  For sure!  Your thoughts and comments will be appreciated after using the site.
We wish you all good luck!  Most importantly please stay safe.
One side note:
As we go through the next few weeks it is important to know that the local farmers did not plan there planting or meat production for a pandemic.  We are gearing up as best we can.  Mother Nature is not helping with the cold, wind and wet weather.  The weather will get better and the planting will increase.  It won’t be that long before we have a bounty of strawberries, sweet corn, squash and tomatoes.  We are going back in time, maybe for the better(?) when most Americans ate by the seasons and what they preserved.  At this time of year, back in the day, we would have some fresh greens, canned tomatoes and a crappy carrot dug out of the root cellar.  The situation we all find ourselves in took everyone by surprise.  We’ll get though it.  We all are adjusting.  Your support means the world to us all.

Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm

P.S.  We do have a few other items besides honey and eggs in our farm market now for self serve.

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