Steve’s Stories



I have lived, for the most part, in country settings all my life. While I enjoy the excitement and benefits of living an urban existence for a while, I am always drawn back to the countryside. I like to have my own land with some space where I can do whatever I want. I tend to be extremely interested in my property lines. I enjoy marking, surveying and pointing out the borders of my property. I’ve spent afternoons searching for the corner posts and have tied ribbons to note their location. And, I become quite protective when I see a stranger doing something in my Fallston woods, through my binoculars, that are always at the ready. Once I spotted a large concrete block covered in snow. There has always been one constant no matter where I lived…SQUIRRELS. I’m not sure how much a squirrel has to eat to stay alive, apparently, a lot. I have learned this by simply watching Bob our current resident squirrel. I’ve often hollered the refrain after sitting and watching Bob gorge himself, “My God, Bob! How much do you need to eat!” You can tell Bob from the other squirrels from the little slit in his left ear, undoubtedly from an ear tag he once wore proudly as “BIRD SEED-EATING CHAMPION OF THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE!”. It doesn’t matter what I do to keep Bob out of the bird feeders around the farm, he somehow manages to figure out the obstacles and finds his way to the feeding trough. I’ve seen him fly...
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