Happy Fourth!!

Happy 4th of July!!,
I text.  Actually I text quite a bit, but I have never achieved professional texter status.  What is pro status?  Holding your phone sideways and texting using your two thumbs.  It’s pretty amazing to watch.  I’ve never understood how it could be done without hitting mostly wrong letters.  I’ve tried it a couple of times, but it seemed my thumbs were just to big or not nimble enough to make it out of the minor leagues.  So I continue on with my one finger texting. Sometimes I impress myself with the speed of the one finger text, but it’s no match for the professional level.  That’s why I will often use the voice dictation feature.  I don’t know why because it seldom works.  For instance yesterday I was texting Brittany at Flying Plow Farm.  I was washing eggs and decided it would be easier to use the dictating feature.  I was responding to a text from her so I said into my phone,”Yes, longer stems on the basil and yes I need Kohlrabi.”  I looked at my phone and the text read,”Laundry Samsung basil and yes call Robbie!”  I picked up my phone with my wet hands and, of course, accidentally hit the send button.  Brittany’s immediate reply,”Laundry and Samsung, got it!”
So what can we offer for your fourth of July celebration?  SWEET CORN of course.  The best GROUND BEEF for your burgers.  Just dug new POTATOES for that potato salad.  CHERRY TOMATOES, just because they’re a tomato. Already made PULLED PORK BBQ in 2 pound containers. EGGS for deviled eggs, this week medium eggs are 2 dozen for $4.  BLUEBERRIES for pie. CHICKEN for a rotisserie chicken on the grill. FLOWERS for the centerpiece on the picnic table, and if you get too hot shopping, you have an open invitation to jump in the farm pond out back!  Oh, I almost forgot we have LEEKS so you can end your holiday with a big kiss for your sweetheart!

In the market Wednesday-Sunday 10-6:
New Red Potatoes
Sweet Corn
Rousedale Chicken
Cherry Tomatoes
Red Onions
Sweet Onions
Yellow Squash
Flowers-Market Bouquets-Thursday thru Sunday
Lettuce Mix
Greens Mix
Call Robbie
Curly Kale
Swiss Chard
Samsung Basil
Romaine and Summer Crisp Head Lettuce
Eggs (chicken and duck)

Here’s hopin’ you all have a fantastic holiday!

Steve and Vicky


P.S. We also have some zucchini that did not adhere to the steroid ban, if you know what I mean.

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