First green thing of the season

Hi Everyone,

Spring is almost here!!  We have proof!  Our friends at Flying Plow Farm in Cecil County, have dropped off certified organic 1 pound bags of fresh spinach they just picked for $8.  You can help yourself in our market during our self serve hours everyday 10-6.  Then Saturday in our market from 10-noon:

  • More spinach
  • Ground Beef,  grass fed and finished (Flying Plow, Rising Sun)
  • Pork, most cuts (pastured) from Crooked Creek Farm Pylesville)
  • Duck and Goose eggs (Meadow Song Farm,White Hall)
  • Our eggs and honey

So to summarize:

  1. Fresh spinach, eggs and honey self serve each day 10-6
  2. Spring shows up
  3. Market open Saturday morning 10-12 noon with everything.

You may have noticed that our egg supply has been on the low side lately.  Over the course of the winter we have taken some major losses from predators on the flock.  We will be adding 100 new layers the end of this month.  So, things will be looking up soon on the egg front.  Remember, they start laying smaller eggs for the first couple of weeks, so we will have some good deals on small/medium eggs once they start laying.  We will be getting our first 100 meat chicken chicks on April 8.  Our delicious whole chickens will be available beginning the end of May.  

Sorry this is so short and probably punctuated horribly.  I just found out it’s impossible to write an informational email while watching Jeopardy.  

Locally Yours,Steve and Vicky

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