Farm Update

Hi Everyone,

It looks like we will have a really nice evening for Yoga on the Farm this evening 6:30-7;30.  If you can’t make that, Sunday morning at 9:30 is an option.  Week 2 of our produce CSA has past and more and more produce is beginning to come out of our beds and the fields.  The rains have really stalled the summer planting, but we are planting like crazy now!  It won’t be long before we have tasty Rousedale Chicken in the market.  I’d say another 4 weeks.
The farm market will be open this Saturday 10-2 with:

Crooked Creek Farm local pastured pork
Duck eggs
Goose eggs
Salad mix
Red Oakleaf lettuce
Heads of bibb lettuce
White turnips
Spring onions
Spring Leeks
Curly Kale
Young Egyptian onions(similar to scallions but stronger)
We still have a few free beets from last fall

Also, Herb and veggie plants are still available

I am pretty much out of commission with a back/butt injury.  Our farm crew is doing a great job without me.  I’m not sure, though, that they are excited about me sitting in a lawn chair barking out orders through a megaphone. Hopefully, that’s temporary.  Tina, Gavin, Matt, Dr. Bruce, Stephanie, Christine, Ginny thank you! A special thank you to Vicky the queen bee of the farm and nurse by trade.  She told me today that I was the worst patient she ever had!  Maybe I shouldn’t have used the megaphone in the house.

Locally Yours,

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