Farm Update

Hi Everyone,

As we get ready for our first market day of 2018 this Saturday, I must share some surprising news with all of you.  I know you’re going to find this hard to believe, but I think Bob the Squirrel is pregnant!  It’s either that or he/she has eaten so much from the feeders that he/she has ballooned up in weight and is moving around the farm a bit slower than normal.  Plus the other day I was observing him/her stretched out from pole to feeder with his/her underside exposed.  What I saw was what seemed like a set of engorged, how shall I put this tastefully, um, squirrel teats.  I feel like our relationship and male bonding has been nothing but a sham.  I’ll seek help.  Let’s move on….

Our May School of Crops session is tomorrow night at 7.  More details on our website

Maybe we can get Yoga on the Farm in on Sunday morning at 9:30.  We haven’t been able to do a Sunday morning yet!

Our market will be open Saturday 10-2.  We have a good assortment of herb plants from our friends at Putnam Hill Nursery for sale and we will have a few vegetable plants as well.  The organic veggie plants are extras that we will not be planting.  Not a ton of things available yet but in limited quantities, we will have:
Bibb Lettuce
Salad Mix
Swiss Chard
Spring Onions/scallions
Free Beets-these are beets from the fall we have nursed through the winter and spring.  They aren’t great at this point but you can have some if you want them.

Also, we introduce this Saturday in the market, local pastured pork from Crooked Creek Farm in Pylesville.  We will be carrying Michael and Tiffany’s local product in the market all year. Everything from bacon, sausage, and kielbasa to pork chops, ribs, and roasts.  We’ll have jerky, scrapple, ground pork, well, you get the picture. If you’ve eaten at Uncle’s in Fallston, you have probably already had some of their pork.

We have honey and eggs available every day at the farm.

As always we appreciate your support!

Locally Yours,

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