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Hi Everyone,

Our first crop of the year, asparagus is now coming on with a vengeance!  We will have a few pounds available for you tomorrow, Saturday from 10-til it’s gone.  FYI, It usually goes pretty fast.  Our organically grown Asparagus is $5/pound.  Of course honey and eggs available in the market as well.

We are actually putting in a new asparagus bed this weekend.  It takes 2-3 years before you can harvest any, just so the plants get a good strong start, but then you’re good for 15, 20, maybe 30 years with a flourishing bed.  We have always sold every stalk we could grow which begs the question,” Steve, why haven’t you put in more beds years ago?”  There are multiple answers to that question:
A…It’s such a short season, it didn’t seem worth the work
B…Just plan dumb
C…Never could spell asparagus consistently for market signs

Our first batch of broiler chickens are right on schedule and have outgrown their initial area already.  If the weather stays warm, they will be outside soon and in the market by mid-June

More produce is going in every day.  We planted green beans yesterday.  These are the “provider” beans, which can take a little cooler weather than the haricot verts “filet” types…..just in case.

Yoga on the farm Sunday morning at 9:30.

If you find a swarm of honey bees on a tree in your backyard like Jim and Carol in Fallston did a couple of nights ago, email or call us. We would love to don our bee suits and show up looking like Ghostbusters to bring the bees back to the farm with us.

Check our website to stay up to date on what’s happening around the farm.

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