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Hi Everyone,
The onion planting marathon is over!  What I thought was 5000 onion plants to be planted, turned out to be 8000 onion plants that were planted!  Oh sure, it was fun for a while chatting amongst ourselves while planting, laughing, smiling having a good old time.  Then it slowly began to happen, farmhands began to turn and the feeling of mutiny hung thick in the air. Farmhand Christine suddenly became very quiet. Farmhand Tina was taking covert pictures of me slacking on the job. Farmhand Gavin’s whole body slumped over when I told him he would be planting more onion plants. and farmhand Matt started to actually boo and holler,”enough’s enough” at my jokes and stories  Not only that but my 88-year-old father started to complain about his $3 an hour wage I was paying him and I caught him secretly handing out union flyers to the rest of the gang.  It was incredibly toilsome work.  Pictures on our website and our facebook page. I sure do hope everybody likes onions!

What a weird year for the asparagus.  I believe I reported excitedly a couple of weeks ago that it had popped through the ground.  Indeed it had and then the weather turned cold and it just stopped.  It seems to be starting to grow again. We have many things in the ground now and most are just beginning to show themselves.  Red Pontiac and Yukon Gold potatoes were planted yesterday.  We really are at least 2 weeks behind this spring.

Our first batch of baby chicks arrived last week and are doing well and growing quickly.  Another couple of weeks we can get them out of the barn and onto the grass.

Just a reminder, we have duck eggs and goose eggs for sale in the market now.  Wendy from Meadow Song Farm provides these to us.  Duck eggs are richer than chicken eggs and are great for baking or making creamy scrambled eggs.  The goose eggs taste very similar to chicken eggs, but are HUGE!  One is probably equivalent to 4-5 chicken eggs.  It would just be funny to bring one out at breakfast time to freak out the kids

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