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Hi Everyone,
 I’m not sure it’s the same in every household, but in the Rouse House Vicky seems to take care of Pepper the puppies basic needs. Feeding, bathing, brushing, making vet appointments, educational needs, you know, pretty much like Pepper’s another child Vicky gave birth to.  (For you wise guys out there, I will have you know that only a couple of my children were seen by a vet.)  I basically think it’s not because Vicky loves having to do all of those things, but she worries if these duties were left to me, that possibly a few of them may not get done.  Ok, probably all of them wouldn’t get done.  Of course, feeding a dog these days has taken on a whole new meaning.  My childhood dog, Midge, who I might add lived to be almost twenty, ate Purina Dog Chow. That was it.  You kept her bowl full of dog chow and you were good to go.  Midge would clear a room with her more then occasional gas attacks, but feeding time was simple.  Now days, at least in this house, I’ll come in from the field and wonder aloud,”Wow, what’s cooking? It smells so good in here!”  The usual reply is, “Don’t touch that, it’s for the dog.”  I will go to the fridge and grab a bowl with leftovers.  A delightful combo of ground beef, squash, carrots and rice.  My fork is almost to my mouth when I hear,”Don’t eat that, it’s for the dog!”  I swear to you, if I go to the refrigerator right now there will be more bowls, plates and other assorted containers filled with delicious concoctions for the dog and a jar of pickles and 4 day old tuna for a human.  Of course, I will never say a word because if I do, most of you men know what will happen.  “Oh, you have a problem with the way I feed the dog?  Then you do it!”  And we certainly don’t want that to happen and either does the dog.
We will be open Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  Both days 10-6.  In the market this weekend:
Available this week:
Green Kale(O)
Swiss Chard (young)(O)
Little Gem Red Head Lettuce(O)
Little Gem Green Head Lettuce(O)
Putnam Hill Nursery Herbs, Veggies (tomatoes plants), Natives and Peonies
Yellow Squash (O)
Rainbow Carrots(O
Pink Lady Apples
Mushrooms (cremini, white, portobello, maitake, shitake, oyster, a mixed bag of basic varieties)
Brussels Sprouts(O)
Red Beets(O)
Red Peppers(O)
Orange Peppers(O)
Sweet Onions(O)
Yellow Onions(O)
Yukon Gold Potatoes(O)
Greens Mix(O)
Young Red Russian Kale(O)
Lettuce Mix(O)
Local Beef
Local Bison
Local Chicken
Local Lamb
Local Rabbit
Local Pork
Alaskan Salmon (frozen)
Local Herbs and Spices
Fresh Parsley(O)
Duck Eggs
Goose Eggs

See you soon!

Steve and Vicky
Rousedale Farm
Fallston, MD

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