Farm Update

Hi Everyone,
And we’re back!  Number one on my list is to waddle over to the computer and wing some information about ordering your Holiday Turkey.  Let me keep you abreast of the situation by first saying I will try to stuff all the information into a couple of sentences.  It’s easier to type when you get a rhythm going with some drumsticks and sit a little feather back from the keyboard.   Anyway we have hooked up with Albright Farms in Monkton who have free range birds of all sizes.  The fresh birds will be available for pick up here on the Sunday and Monday before Thanksgiving.  Let us know what size of Jive Turkey you would like to gobble up, put down a $20 deposit, that’s not a lot of gravy, and your wishbone will be coming true.  All details are on our menu.

Number 2 is we have a lot of customers interested in 100% grass fed beef.  After months of my begging, our neighbors, Nick and Will at Grand View Farm in Forest Hill, apparently figure I will never stop bothering them and have agreed to supply us with a great selection of grass fed and grass finished beef.
Number 3 is our great friend Brittany, who worked for many years at Flying Plow Farm, now has started her own farm with her husband.  Mad Radish Farm will help supply us with organically grown, free range chicken.
Number 4 is our welcoming Liberty Delight Farms in Reisterstown and their pastured pork.  You will see ribs, roasts, sausages, tenderloins and chops.
We hope you enjoy checking out all the new stuff on the menu!
The ordering window begins at 9am Tuesday morning and runs through 10pm Wednesday night.  Choose to pick up your contactless order between 10-2 Saturday or Sunday.  Or, you can choose to have your order delivered Saturday.
Thank you for supporting our farm and all the other local family farms and businesses that have joined us in making this a pretty cool cooperative.

Vicky and Steve
Rousedale Farm

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