Farm Update

Hi Everyone,
How about an egg update. You may be finding that our supply of eggs isn’t what it once was.  We are in the annual, what we call  “eggs”istential crisis.  Supply is down and demand is up. It happens each year, when the chickens are laying a little less and the chicken census is lower coming out of winter.  This is also the time of year when customers are beginning to get more excited about coming to the farm to purchase the fresh eggs.  I’m no economic wizard, but it’s a simple case of “supply and demand”!
More laying chickens are coming in a couple of weeks, which will boost the numbers back up.
We have eggs everyday, but not a lot.  So, what I suggest, until we get our egg cooler cam up and running, is to call us before you come if you want to make sure there are eggs available.  The egg hotline number is 410-215-6776.  Operators are standing by.
It’s a crazy time out there, be safe and well.

Vicky & Steve

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