Farm Update

The wintry weather of the past week certainly created a set back for early planting.  It also created a sad situation for me.  If you recall last Monday was beautiful.  The warm temperatures really got the juices flowing as I hopped in the car to drive to the store.  Radio turned up, sunroof wide open, foot feeling slightly heavier on the accelerator.  Then, of course, Tuesday began the two-day storm with sleet, snow, rain, a wintry mix.  I didn’t leave the farm for most of the day until late afternoon.  I went out to run a couple of errands.  I opened the car door and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  It was a car full of sleet, snow, rain, a wintry mix.  I never closed the seldom-used sunroof!  And to make matters worse, the ice was embedded in the sunroof track and it wouldn’t close.  I’m sure I looked a bit ridiculous using a hair dryer on the roof of my car when a customer came down to buy some eggs. Shouldn’t sunroofs automatically close when you turn off the ignition?

Onward to farm stuff…..

All the spring transplants are here and I’m desperately trying to keep them alive until it warms and dries up.  It looks the spring warming transition may begin this week and hopefully, we can get started planting.  We really need to consider building a greenhouse or what they call a high tunnel so we can expand the season a bit. Our May 15 start time for the CSA may be in jeopardy.  We’ll see.

Our School of Crops session that was postponed last week will be held this Wednesday evening at the farm.  $15 per person unless you’re a husband and wife team or family.  Master gardener Joan Parris will join us.  If there’s ever a question about different events or you need any info about the farm, we try to keep everything updated on the website

Our first batch of chicks arrive in a couple of weeks.  We’ve been busy outfitting the back barn and ranging areas for them.  Believe me, these chickens will live in a resort compared to the conventionally grown broiler chickens in the giant poultry houses.  Whole chickens will be available in our market beginning around the end of May or first of June.  Chicken CSA openings still available.

Honey and eggs always available in our market 9a-7p seven days a week.  I’m going to have to switch our signs around.  I have the honey sign above the egg sign and had another customer this weekend asking about the “honey eggs”

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