Farm Update

Hi Everyone,
In chicken world, here on the farm, an update! Mother and Pat the baby have ventured outside this week for the first time.  The other chickens haven’t paid much attention except for this one older white leghorn.  This chicken was first in command until Dilbert the rooster was added to the flock.  She never liked Dilbert.  She thought of Dilbert as a two timing stud that pranced around looking handsome and having his way with all the woman.  Then, mysteriously, Dilbert disappears with nothing left at the crime scene but a few feathers.  I assumed it was a fox, or was it!!!  Now with Dilbert out of the way she recaptured her rightful place as top dog, or chicken.  That is until now when suddenly, out of nowhere, the chosen one, this baby royalty, this son or daughter of Dilbert shows up grabbing all the attention that should be HERS!  She seems to hang around the pair, keeping her distance but nonetheless always as close as mother will allow. The chicken police, who believe she has nefarious intentions, are keeping a close eye on this bird who goes by the name of POISON IVORY…

Expected in the market this week:
Green Beans
Spaghetti Squash
New Red Potatoes
Sweet Corn
Green Bell Peppers
Sweet Frying Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes
Red Onions
Yellow Onions
Flowers-Market Bouquets-Thursday thru Sunday
Lettuce Mix
Head Lettuce
Curly Kale
Swiss Chard
Eggs (chicken and duck)
Flying Plow Beef (grass fed and finished) the ground beef makes incredible burgers!
Crooked Creek Farm Pastured Pork

Steve and Vicky

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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