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Good Afternoon, Good Evening or Good Morning,
The processing date of July 2 we requested for this latest batch of our broiler chickens was unavailable.  We had to wait an extra week and take them on July 9.  Well, let me tell you about the meat birds. Once they start plumping up it’s a speeding train without any brakes.  I looked at them last Friday and thought, “There’s no way these guys are going to be close to our market weight of 4 pounds. If we have to go two more weeks.  There going to be more like 14 pounds!”  I made a call and asked the processor if there might be any openings for this Tuesday (yesterday)?  He asked, “You don’t think they will make it until the 9th?”  “Oh. they’ll make it, but I literally just heard one gobble!”  He said, “Bring them in first thing in the morning.”  So….surprise!  We have chicken!
BLUEBERRIES to pick and BLUEBERRIES already picked in the market. Probably one more week of picking on our bushes here.
SWEET CORN, we should have plenty for the week and weekend.
DELIVERY, if you can’t make it to the farm, let us bring the farm to you!  Orders will be delivered Thursday evening and orders must be in by 4pm Thursday afternoon.
FLOWERS,  friday-sunday, really have been quite a successful addition to the market.  Thank you Beth from Celadon Hill Farm, which, btw, is about 4 minutes from Rousedale.
NEWLY ADDED to the organic produce list this week, fresh sweet candy onions and beautiful fresh red onions plus savoy cabbage and leeks.
So, in the market Wednesday-Sunday 10-6:
Sweet Corn
Rousedale Chicken
Savoy Cabbage
Red Onions
Sweet Onions
Yellow Squash
Flowers-Market Bouquets-Friday thru Sunday
Lettuce Mix
Greens Mix
Curly Kale
Swiss Chard
Napa Cabbage
Romaine and Summer Crisp Head Lettuce
Red Russian Kale
Eggs (chicken and duck)

We would love to see you down on the farm, where everything is fresh and local.

Steve and Vicky

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