Farm Update

Hi Everyone,
Before we get to what’s available this week here at the farm, we have made a huge discovery that I would like to share.  Apparently the tree outside our bedroom window is a University of sorts for young song birds.  Every morning young songbirds, whether it be a college age chickadee, cardinal or robin practice their still unperfected chirps, tweets and songs, while older bird professors correct and sing examples to the still fledgling performers.  As soon as the sun comes up class is in session.  The youngsters begin with some horrendous, non-melodic sounds that are quickly pounced upon by the adult professionals.  It’s as if the student says.” chirp, gobble, tweet, SQUAWK!”   And the teacher says,”No, it’s more like this, chirp, chirp, la la, tweet, tweet, ahhh.”  This goes on for the first 2 hours of the morning, every morning….loudly. Yesterday I yelled out the window to the campus,”Hey I’m trying to sleep in here!”  The class went on.  I can only hope that summer vacation is coming soon.
Strawberries are history for another year, but there is fruit available this week, blueberries!!  Delicious organic and no-spray blueberries available while they last.  Also in the market this week:
Green Garlic
Yellow Squash
Sugar Snap Peas
Garlic Scapes
Lettuce Mix
Greens Mix
Buttercrunch Lettuce Heads
Swiss Chard
Curly Kale
Red Russian Kale
White Turnips
Napa Cabbage
Eggs (Chicken and Duck)
Flying Plow Farm 100% grass fed Ground Beef, Stew Beef, Chip Steak, Beef Liver, Chuck Roast
Crooked Creek Farm’s Pastured Pork
Our chicken is sold out until July 3rd.
Delivery available Thursday evenings.  Please have your orders in by 4pm Thursday.
We hope to see you soon!

Locally Yours,
Steve and Vicky

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