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Hi Farm Friends,
Yesterday I had to drive to Lancaster to pick up more honey jars.  On the way home I was dying of thirst, so I quickly pulled into a Wendy’s drive through for a drink.  Ok, I got a burger too, please don’t tell Vicky.  Anyway, I pulled up, gave my order to the talking sign and continued to the first window to pay.  The small sliding glass window opened, a hand reached out for my credit card, I handed over the card, the hand with the card came back with no receipt.  I waited for maybe 15 seconds and turned to ask about my receipt and the top portion of the human attached to the hand was sprawled and wedged between the computer screen and the window ASLEEP!!!  “Hello” I said tentatively,” can I get a receipt?”  Nothing…..Cars were lining up behind me.  “Could I get my receipt!”  Nothing….I may have heard a bit of a snore as I pulled away and headed to the second window to get my drink and burger (don’t tell Vicky)  I said,”I think your girl back there has a problem.”  The second window woman replied,”Yes I know, she’s a little slow.”  I said,”she wasn’t slow until she fell asleep!  “Oh no, not again.”  she said.  “Oh, by the way, can I get a receipt?”
Beth from Celadon Hill Farm, which is a stone’s throw away from Rousedale, will be providing market bouquets beginning Friday morning.
Remember, we deliver Thursday evenings if you would like the convenience of that.  Orders must be in by 4pm Thursday afternoon.
STRAWBERRIES!   We are nearing the end of the strawberry season.  We are on a day to day basis.  So if you are looking for strawberries at our market you may want to call first 410-215-6776.  We have them today.
In the market this week:
Market Bouquets (starting Friday)
Rousedale Chicken
Yellow Squash
Head Lettuce(Romaine)and (Butterhead
Boc Choi
Snow Peas
Swiss Chard
Curly Kale
Lettuce Mix
Greens Mix
Flying Plow Farm Beef
Crooked Creek Farm Pork
Eggs-Chicken, Duck and Goose

So, if you come into the market this week Wednesday-Sunday 10-6 and I’m asleep at the cash register a simple nudge and a whisper about a Wendy’s single should bring me back…just don’t tell Vicky.

Locally Yours,

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