Farm Update

Hi Everyone,
Strawberries reign supreme in the market!  Last week I thought we had plenty to get through the weekend and we ran out Saturday at 2!  I believe I have discovered part of the problem. After the berries are picked and we are bringing back the flats, I seem to have a very difficult time keeping my hands out of the berries. That may explain some of the  “coming up short” problem!  I have found a local branch of Berries Anonymous and will attend my first meeting Monday.
Our fresh chicken is in the market!  I guarantee you will not find a fresher chicken anywhere.  I don’t want to get into graphic detail, let’s just say they were around the farm in another form yesterday.  We sell whole chicken.  Packaged just like a grocery store chicken.  Inside the wrapper…not a grocery store chicken.
In the market this week:
Yellow Squash
Head Lettuce (Romaine)
Boc Choi
Snow Peas
Swiss Chard
Curly Kale
Lettuce Mix
Greens Mix
Flying Plow Farm Beef
Crooked Creek Farm Pork
Eggs-Chicken, Duck and Goose

From the “Just So You Know” department; On Wednesdays our harvest from the fields come into the market around 1pm.  We are open at 10 for eggs, honey, fruit, the meats, and some produce.
We always appreciate your support of our farm!  Open Wednesday-Sunday 10-6

Locally Yours,
Steve and Vicky

PS  $2 off on a pound jar of honey if you can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious on your first try.
Good Luck

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