Farm Update

If you’re hoping to plant a small garden this year, but have always had bad luck or you have never done it before and need help, our third “School of Crops” meeting will be held Wednesday, March 21at 7 here at the farm.  You needn’t have come to the other two to benefit. It usually lasts about 1 1/2-2 hours.  Master gardener Joan Parris will be our guest this month. Please let us know if you’re attending by Tuesday the 20th.

We await Spring!  It doesn’t seem like it wants to breakthrough, does it?  We have filled our raised beds with new compost.  We have replaced some of the rotted board frames on the beds. (Hard to believe the beds have been there for over 10 years, not bad for using non-treated lumber), hoops are up and ready to accept covers which will turn the beds into low tunnels for planting spring seeds and transplants.  We just need it to get a little warmer.  Most of the spring plantings need the ground to be at least 40 degrees for germination and continued growth for transplants.  We’re not even close.


Check out our website for information on our Chicken CSA.  It’s a good way to get our delicious chicken at a discounted price!

And finally, the chickens don’t know it yet but, their time for total free ranging around the farm is coming to an end.  They have been foraging across the fields, planting areas, under bird feeders and getting drinks off the swimming pool (farm pond) cover.  They have been pooping on our entry sidewalk, front door stoop, our back deck and parking area.  They soon will be restricted to inside our movable fences to keep them out of the planted areas and to keep their poop to themselves.

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