Farm Update

Hi Everyone,
Well, it’s official I can start harvesting asparagus for the market.  There were strict rules laid down in early spring that we would harvest the first 50 pounds of asparagus for the lady of the manor to put up for future consumption here on the farm.  If I even thought about sneaking some of the luscious green stalks to the market, as I have in years past, I would be sleeping with the chickens!  We will have a little this weekend, but not a lot.  Hopefully by next weekend more will be available for you.  New in the market this weekend romaine and butter crunch head lettuce from our pals at Flying Plow Farm. They are amazing.  Large and beautiful!
In the market this weekend 10-6
Head Lettuce (romaine & butter crunch
Asparagus (very limited)
Baby Carrots
Greens mix
Lettuce mix
Red Russian Kale
Flying Plow Farm grass fed and finished beef(NY strip, filets, chuck roast, stew beef, sirloin steak, London broil, chip steak, ground beef)
Crooked Creek Farm pastured pork (bacon, sausages, chops, hams, ham steaks, chipped ham, pork roll, ribs, loin roasts, tenderloins, jowls, hocks and dog treats.
Eggs (chicken, duck and goose)

Our new egg laying chickens have worked there way up to medium sized eggs.  We have a lot!!  $3 a dozen.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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