Farm Update

Hi Farm Fans,
Welcome to Water World Farm!  Where you’ll find “Ride a Chicken Creek”  “Wet Leaf Slap your Face Tomato Maze” and the “I’ve Slid on Mud Into the Chicken Area and am now being Chased by a Rooster Fun House”  Yes we needed rain badly but wow, OK 5 inches so far on the farm since Saturday!
Our Farm Market, which is being squeegeed as I write this, will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 10-6.  In the market this week:
Sweet Corn
Cherry Tomatoes
Baby Spinach
Salad Mix
Minilopes-Small Cantaloupes
Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers
Green Bell Peppers
Yukon Gold Potatoes
Red Potatoes
Beets-Red and Gold
Yellow Squash
Green Cabbage
Eggplant-White and Purple
Pork-From Crooked Creek Farm. Sausage (breakfast,Italian sweet and hot), Kielbasa, Chops, Bacon, Ham Steaks, Ground Pork etc.
Duck Eggs
Herbs-Basil, Thyme, Sage, Tarragon, Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary
Mint-Mojito, Chocolate, Peppermint, Spearmint, Mint Julep, Lemon

And if you can’t make it to the Market, delivery is available to you on Thursday evening.  Email us your order no later than noon on Thursday.

What's Happening Down on the Farm?

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