During these trying times, maybe this will help

Hi Everyone,
During these crazy times, we hope all of you are pulling through ok.  Our lives are changing every week, every day, every hour.  For many, going to the grocery store has been a very stressful and disappointing experience.  We will try to help.  We have gathered our local farmers and are setting up an order and delivery system to provide you with locally grown, fresh food without leaving your home.  Menus and prices are below.  Call us at 410-215-6776 or email steve@rousedalefarm.com to place your order.   Orders must be in by 6pm Thursday.  We will deliver on Saturday after 12 noon.  We would prefer if you paid by credit card over the phone or if you want, you can give me your credit card info on your email order.  We will leave the order at your specified spot at your home. That way we can keep our “social distance”.  We’ll see how this works! We will try a 10-12 mile delivery area from the farm initially and see how that goes. There will be a $5 delivery fee. If you live beyond the delivery area or would rather pick up your order at the farm, that works too.  Unfortunately none of us grow toilet paper.
Be safe,
Vicky & Steve

From Flying Plow Farm – Organic Produce, Chicken and Eggs and Grass Fed Beef

Arugula $10/pd-$6/half pound
Carrots $4/pound
Chard $4/bunch
Collards $3/bunch
Greens Mix $10/pd $6/half
Curly Kale $4/bunch
Lettuce Mix $10/pd $6/half
Yellow Onions $1.50 each
Radishes $4/bunch
Red Russian Kale $10/pd $6/half
Rutabaga $2/pd
Spinach $8/pd
Sweet Potatoes (orange) $3/pd
Sweet Potatoes (purple) $3/pd
Winter Kale $3/pd


Ground $10/pd
Mini Whole Roaster $12.50
Whole Small 3.5-4 pounds $18
Bone-in skinless breast $10/pd
Half whole chicken $5/pd
Wings $6/pd


Chip Steak $10/pd
Bone-in Chuck Roast $7/pd
Delmonico $18/pd
Liver $5/pd
Short Ribs $7/pd
Tenderloin $24/pd
Ground Beef $8/pd
London Broil $8/pd
NY Strip $18/pd
Sirloin $14/pd
Stew Meat $7/pd

Eggs (organic)

$6 dozen

Chesapeake Gold Cheese from Chesapeake Gold Farms

8 Oz block $7
Colby, Cheddar, Buffalo Wing Cheddar, Smoked Onion Horseradish Cheddar, Onion Horseradish Cheddar,
Cider House Cheddar, Crabby Cheddar, Black Peppercorn  Cheddar, Smoked Horseradish Cheddar, Horseradish Cheddar, Onion Cheddar, Garlic and Dill Cheddar, Garlic and Chive Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Hot Colby, Smoked Colby.

Pastured Raised Pork From Crooked Creek Farm

Bacon $11/pd
Loose Sausage $7/pd-Sage, Plain, Hot and Sweet
Link Sausage- $8/pd Sweet and Hot Italian
Breakfast Links – $8 Maple and Sage
Kielbasa- $8/pd
Lithuanian Sausage $8.50/pd
Chorizo- $8/pd
Bone-in Loin Roast $9/pd
Boneless Loin Roast $10/pd
Shoulder Roast-$8.50/pd
Boneless Chops-$9.50/pd
Bone-in Chops – $9/pd
Baby Back Ribs – $9/pd
Full Rack-$8/pd
Country Ribs – $8
Smoked Ham- $8.50/pd
Smoked Ham Steaks -$9/pd
Chipped Ham – $8.50/pd
Smoked Ham Hock – $5/pd
Tenderloin $14/pd
Pork Roll – $8.50/pd
Scrapple – $6/pd
Ground Pork – $7/pd
Pulled Pork BBQ 2 pound container – $15
Pork Sticks – $1.50 each

Breads and Pastries from Swissalicious in Forest Hill.  Baked Fresh Friday for your delivery or pick up Saturday!

Bread Plain Round Loaf – $7
Bread WW – $7
Bread Gluten Free – $15
Bread Cranberry – $8
Bread Sunflower – $8
Bread Buckwheat Crunch – $8
Bread Sesame – $8
Bread Chia – $8
Bread Flax – $8
Bread Hemp – $8
Bread Poppyseed – $8
Bread Banana – $12
Cinnamon Rolls – $14
Pretzel Rolls – $16

Raw Honey From Rousedale Farm

1 pound jar $9
2 pound jar $16
3 pound jar $23

Our eggs are available only at our market.  I have to say, however, they’re disappearing within minutes of us putting them in the cooler.  Actually today, they didn’t even make it to the cooler.

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